About Us

Team Elite Genetics is a 100% family owned and operated small batch craft cannabis cultivation company founded in Orange County, CA dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis in the world since 2011. With a keen nose for terpene profiles, we have devoted over a decade to formulating the perfect recipe and handcrafted techniques to maximize the potency and most importantly, the terpene production that each genetic is capable of generating. In order to produce the best tasting cannabis flowers in the world, we have specifically tailored and altered our system to allow each and every plant's true flavor expression to be tasted down to the last draw of a joint. 

 In a time where the term "living soil" is thrown around loosely, at Team Elite Genetics, we go above and beyond what’s required to be considered “living soil” by constantly enhancing the plant’s microbiome with millions of microorganism’s consisting of hundreds of different beneficial bacteria, fungi, and enzymes which all work together synergistically to maximize and optimize plant growth and vigor by increasing nutrient uptake, boosting immunities, and amplifying secondary metabolite production increasing the overall flavor and effects of our cannabis. In order to strengthen the microbiome even further, we hand water each plant throughout every stage of growth with microbial-rich teas that further expand terpene and cannabinoid production while enlarging calyx size and increasing calyx to leaf ratio.

 Over the years, we have acquired and created some of the most sought after genetics in California that have been awarded 30 High Times Cannabis Cups with 13 different strains, of which 8 were bred by and are exclusive to us. Our relentless passion for preserving the highest level of quality and to deliver untouched and perfectly cured flowers to consumers has made Team Elite Genetics the most premier brand for single source cannabis products.