Beyond Living Soil Grown Craft Cannabis

Hand Crafted

All aspects of our cultivation are manually controlled and truly crafted by hand. We make a point of giving each plant individualized attention to ensure that all plants are equally cared for. With our expansive genetic library, we cultivate 10-15 strains at once, which requires us to be very attentive throughout the plants entire life. Each strain is cared for differently depending on the genetics' unique characteristics of growth. Applying meticulous hands-on techniques and specially formulated recipes with the sole purpose of creating the finest and most flavorful cannabis in the world, we are able to produce products that are rightfully in their own elite level of what cannabis can and should be.

Hand Trimmed

It is extremely important to us that the flowers are never mishandled to ensure the cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved to the highest degree possible. All leaves and stems are carefully removed keeping in tact all the calyxes and pistils while never directly touching the actual flowers.

Hand Packaged

To ensure elite quality down to each and every gram, we carefully hand package all of our flowers. We believe that delicately hand-packaging flowers is the best way to truly preserve the integrity of the product.

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